How to successfully utilise video
in your business
Make your brand sing

Make your brand sing

One of the primary challenges faced by our small business clients is how to attract and retain new customers, whilst protecting their existing client base.

A great way you can do this is through the use of video in your digital marketing strategy. It’s a highly effective way to promote your products and services because you can showcase a whole range of product offerings in a small and easy to digest fashion.

Why choose video for your business?

Videos fit really well into an FAQ (frequently asked questions) section to address key issues and struggles being faced in the industry and how your products can solve those problems.

Video are also popular for showcasing your business products and demonstrate how to use them. This allows people to actually envisage themselves doing the same, personalising the experience.


In this digital age having a website for your business is essential. Being without one is like trying to speak to a full stadium without a microphone.


Apart from promoting products and services, videos are also an excellent way of driving traffic to your website. At the moment about 90% of organic traffic comes from Google and, because Google owns YouTube, it values video as a valid source of truth.

Video also allows you to increase the dwell-time on your website. That means, because people are spending longer on your website, Google will dynamically lift you up in their organic search rankings. This is really important because most consumers won’t go past the first page of Google.


Build trust

Building trust is a key component for small business when looking to both attract consumers and retain an existing client base. Video is a great way of doing that because you can use it to tell people in a couple of minutes about your company – where you’ve come from, how you’ve reached where you are today.


Introduce your people

You can introduce key people in the organisation so as to personalise the business. You can also use the videos to highlight testimonials from existing clients, which adds credibility with new customers. In this day and age first impressions really count, particularly when it comes to small business.


Build your brand

Video helps build brand awareness and can even make the smallest business look larger and professional. That’s an important thing for prospective customers. Brand awareness also enables you to build a digital fence around your client base – to protect what you’ve worked so hard to gain.


The possibilities are endless

Video is a superb way to reach more people. It can be used on your website and across social media platforms and emails, which can be an important differentiating factor between you and your competitors.

If you’re looking to use video in your digital marketing just get in touch with the team at Techwell on 1300 350 292 or start an online chat with our team now.

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