Why your business needs an IT & Security Audit
Start auditing your security

Start auditing your security

Cybersecurity threats are on the increase. In fact, 2018 had the largest number of breaches ever recorded in one year. Over one billion users and accounts were reported to have had issues. Many business owners have historically thought that, because they’re small, they wouldn’t be targeted.

You might choose to install a firewall and think you’re protected. Unfortunately, that’s not enough these days in protecting your business’ IP and data. You need to do more, that’s where we can help.

Why is the risk so high?

The organisations perpetrating these acts are well-funded and highly skilled. They have a lot of systems and processes in place to make their hacks possible and, if you think about the number of devices that are connected these days both personally and in business, it’s an ever-present and growing threat.

With more connected devices comes more risk. So, it’s important businesses do more than they used to do to protect themselves and that means seeing what’s possible.


What is Data Breach Reporting?

Data Breach Reporting has been introduced in the last couple of years and is applicable to all businesses operating in Australia. This requirement means business owners must report any data breaches to OAIC (a government department).

This might be a leak of your own data or your customer’s data. A really important part of this is the need to notify your customers as well. That’s why security inside businesses is increasingly important because telling customers that their data has been leaked is not a conversation most business owners want to have.


There are three main reasons why you should get an audit.


They’re performed by our professionals

The first is a Techwell IT and Security Audit is performed by professionals who will look in places that many others won’t think of.

We then prepare a report highlighting high-risk priority issues that need to be resolved, down to lower risk issues that may need remedial work in the future.

Your Techwell specialists will work with you to plan the approach and get them implemented.


Threats are forever changing

The second reason is threats are always changing. Quite often you’ll see in the news there have been data breaches or security issues where customers data has been leaked onto the internet. It’s important for business owners to be checking defences they already have in place.

Although they may have had an audit and put remedial work in two years ago, that won’t be sufficient for the new threats out there now.


Increase your team’s productivity

The third reason is productivity – this is often overlooked and underestimated. If users are working on old computers which are slow and causing them problems, this will lead to a loss in productivity. Most business owners would jump at the chance of being able to improve productivity by 10-20% per person.

The result will be happier users, better quality of work and most importantly, satisfied customers!

Get in touch with Techwell so our professionals can help you build a roadmap to remediate your site. Start an online chat with our team today, or give us a call on 1300 350 292.

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