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When you’re not in a position of authority in a business, it can be hard to convince the person who is, to spend the funds that you can see are necessary.

You can empathise with this degree of reluctance though; CEO’s and the like don’t get to where they are by spending money unnecessarily. The difficulty that comes with the convincing, oftentimes is due to the person of authority not being able to see the value in the thing that is being proposed. That is, the manager may not have ever been in the position that you’re in, and thus may not be able to personally identify with the issue, where extra funds would help.

For example, a receptionist may greatly benefit from a new phone system – the efficiency of being able to transfer calls internally, put customers on hold and being subject to new technology is invaluable to them and definitely worth the money. However, a person of authority – having never experienced the work of a receptionist – may think the way that things are done now (putting the phone down and running to the other side of the office to get someone the customer requested) works fine.

So how can you convince a person of authority to spend money?

You show them that it will help their business

Referring to the previous example, if the person of authority knew the influx of calls they were missing out on by only having one line, and how much time was being wasted by running across the office, it’s much more likely that they would provide the funds necessary to rectify this issue.

Of course, you don’t really have the time to have what could be a very heated  debate with your boss to spend more money.


That’s where we come in

Our corporate specialist’s are highly trained in various areas, and happily go out to provide business solutions every single day. They’re experts in communications, printing solutions, digital marketing and more. They help your boss to see the value in money, so you can sit back and enjoy the results.


The best part?

Every consultation that a corporate specialist goes to, is completely free. It’s a complimentary service that we offer, to help all businesses and their needs.

Get in touch with the Relationship Managers at Techwell today, to set up a time for your corporate specialist to come and see you.  


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