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Westpac Switches from Phone Systems to Microsoft Teams Calling

microsoft teams calling

Westpac has become the first bank in Australia to replace their PABX and dedicated VoIP systems with Microsoft Teams Calling. Over 5000 branch office staff have been provided with iPhones in addition to the Microsoft Teams Calling application. The deployment was completed in August 2021 and fully operational across Westpac’s 840 branches. Westpac are Australia’s…

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Scam Text Messages: What Are They & How to Stop Them

scam text message on phone

Why you’re being inundated with so many scam messages? Australia is rife with conversation about the inundation of scam text messages we have all experienced recently; but why is it happening, and what you can do about it? Some scam text messages are easy to spot, with terrible typos and spelling or obviously fake website…

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The Impact of the Work Environment Due to COVID-19


It’s no secret that COVID-19 has changed so many things, for so many people, in such a small amount of time. Here in Australia, it has exponentially changed the way we work, how we work and where we work. This has come as a shock to some businesses who were unprepared for employees to have…

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Why choose the NEC SL2100 phone system for your business

As a small business, it can often be hard to know what technology is best for your business. At Techwell we have installed and service over 5000 phone systems for local small businesses. With many years in the industry, we’ve seen a common trend and that is small businesses need a phone system that is…

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What types of video can I create for my business?

What types of video can I create for my business?   Video is a marketing powerhouse for businesses because it supercharges your ability to increase your visibility in search engines, as well as your conversion rate of website visitors. But being comfortable with the need to incorporate video into your marketing strategy is one thing,…

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Why aren’t you advertising through Video?

Top 5 Reasons why video is a good investment for small business   By 2019, 80% of internet consumption will be video content. If this isn’t enough reason as to why you should be utilising video in your business, whether promoting a product or service, educational or training style content, take a look at some…

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9 easy ways your business can reduce printing costs

Most small to medium-sized businesses would agree printing devices play an essential role in the way their organisation operates. This is despite the often high costs of owning and operating a printer can have, an exceptionally high concern to smaller businesses. Well, it turns out many companies are spending more than they need to on printing…

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