5 Self Disciplines You Need To Be A Successful Technician

Life as a technician on the road, especially in my position, allows a lot of time for reflection…and singing. Monotonous miles of freeway traffic, rural dirt roads and overnight stay-overs consume a large proportion of my working life. So in between belting out a few Simon and Garfunkel classics, I’ve compiled 5 qualities I think best set you up to be passionate about what you do. The end result we are looking for is providing an experience to our customers  that keeps them coming back for more. In no particular order…wait no that’s a lie. In the order that I came up with them:



As well as being a core value for Techwell, it is especially important as a tech. You need to posses a desire to always know more in order to problem solve, to save time, and of course to set up equipment. We need to be experts in knowing why something does what it does, and reasons why it may not be doing that. Showing curiosity always allows us to understand why customers operate their business in a particular way, in case there are ways we can help them run smarter.


Self Discipline

99% of our work is unsupervised. We are our own bosses in so many respects, and this does require quite a bit of discipline. We need to be capable and proud of our work, and take the time to plan days, set ourselves time limits and goals for each job we go to.



There’s very little point in turning up to work if we’re not motivated. Having the excitement of what can be achieved in a day really motivates me. My daily goals can range from customer satisfaction best practices, personal best performances or simply getting home on time in the evening to meet the commitments I have made to my family. Excitement is something you really need, to roll up the sleeves and get stuck into the task at hand.



If our work wasn’t difficult, we probably wouldn’t have a job. As we service a range of products at Techwell we need to have a vast knowledge of troubleshooting, resolving issues and finding faults, all of these aspects require perseverance. Giving up is not an option if you want to achieve results.



Overall our job, really is, to ‘Make Technology Simple’ (prizes will be awarded to where I pinched that from). This means you need to contain a want, a desire, an ability to see things from the customer’s perspective, and help them with their needs. Having this compassion to assist them will really go along way. Simply walking away when you know more can be done to help doesn’t wash well, and doesn’t align to the Techwell values.


So there are my 5 suggestions. If these strike a chord with you, maybe it could be a career path worth considering.

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